Onboard the Inter City Express

It is sometimes boring to travel on train. Sometimes….

It may depend on your travel companion…..

If you are lucky you may experience something extraordinary!

The performance made my day. I hope it will make yours as well!


An invigorating pleasure

You have done your special suit on. Knowing that it makes you horny…. You want to play because that’s just what you need now!

Your cunt is moist and your love lips are like unfolded spring leaves. They are filled with sap of horniness. You want me to watch and enjoy. 

You have no hurry. You want me to get horny. Our horniness are mutually contagious. It is doubled pleasure. 

You are teasing me. Making sure to have my full attention….

Then you can turn your attention to your own burst of female power.

I stroke myself as you are entering the point of no return. That is when you fly high and I wish I could fly with you, be you!

But you bless me with love and happiness, and my own release!

We played Indecent

I love to show you off. I like to be public indecent with you. 

I know you enjoy to play with. It makes you horny and excited. 

When you get on this way you will eventually give a dam who watches us. 

Well, we are both into this much the same way, but I like to keep some control over what risk we run. 

You know you can trust me to keep us safe enough to escape law suit. 

The object is our own excitement. A casual viewer would know what we are up to, but he will not see too much. 

Just sound and normal horniness, teasing and fun. It’s a sex play only. 

You love when I respond on your teasing and take my chock out and play with it in public.

I can see you trance from this. 

I can smell your horniness when you smear your juices out. 

And pull my chock….

You are so on!

Just to sink into your open mound. 

You give me yourself while we can be caught any time.


That’s my horny little lass!

Mom is beautiful seen with loving eyes

She has become worn by what she has been through

Her body is marked from giving new life and staying up soothing her children…

But credit her for still feeling well with her gender. 

Still keeping her love and playfulness alive. 

Her skin more loose and some stretchmarks. Her cunt a little wobbly, but still beautiful in the eyes of her hubby. 

Her boobs more swaying than when they first met, but the teasing eyes still as enchanting as ever!

Love is an art which sometimes is difficult to keep alive when work and childcare taxes you to the bone. 

But for the ones who make it through there will sometimes be great reward!

And from dry bones there can still drip juices of love. 

We cannot define love. It is probably like any other emotion; it comes and goes in surges.

But love juice is wet and lubricant and when it drips from the ass checks…

It is certainly contagious!

And it is extremely hot when it comes from one you have shared a lifetime with!

The need to steal away a little

I think everybody have done it once in a while. Stealing a little private time of the working hours. 

There is a certain urgency about it.

Must build up to the release

Finding the right images in your mind

And feel the love muscles coming alive.

Then, knowing this is the time to go all the way!

The restricting garments removed

And the body ready for the full and beautiful sensual feeling.

Just allow for the body to react on its own rhythm.

And then, slowly let the body enjoy the relax

And let it sink into acceptance….

You are basically a wild animal without much control of your own lust. 

Horny and lactating mom

Lust is biological instinct

This mom has just given birth and feels horny. 

She is on PC chat to fill her desire…

Her nipples are hypersensitive

Filled with warm, nourishing milk

The stimulation feels good and it begins to drip

A squeeze and it flows freely…..

Milking like a cow!

Makes her horny

Must help herself 

Real people have real fun

It is nice to let photoshop untouched and just go for the natural tan with its pale folds of untanned skin.

Real people are imperfect, and that is what makes them perfectly real. 

But love is real fun.

Our couple have been tanning nude

For people in FKK (Frei K├Ârper Kultur) nudeness is natural and shyness is culture induced adaptations. 

To show themselves uninhibited is liberating, honest and clean. 

It is personal and vulnerable. Nothing to hide behind. 

No lies about genuinity. 

No fake emotion. 

Human love is both beautiful and contagious.

But no worries. Sex is about the most healthy part of life. 

So please enjoy every aspect about sex and don’t be shy if you are a porn junkie. Science confirms that it is healthy. 

Despite the brutal appearance it is about trust and safety. It can be called the extreme sport of lovelife. My GIRL called it forth in me. It doesn't go away even if she does. It's me