It is about power exchange

My love is “pervert”. I know that

I’m not really a sadist, but I need to be Lord over my “servants”

They are in this lifestyle too. They get their power from being able to stay in this powerlessness

They are actually very precious to me, and this is how we are decent and honest to what we are

They are naked in my presence and do their private stuff under my supervision

They are not super models, they are ordinal working class women and they have their natural shyness over whatever imperfections they have

That is what makes it a challenge: To just be exactly as we all are. 
It is deep honesty

Humiliating love

I love when you give me everything

You are my girl so totally

Deny me nothing

That is what I call a good girl

Pain is cleansing

Humiliation is binding us together

The disgusting is beautiful

There are no taboos, no dirty, no limits

There are only the love between us two

And love is setting us free

If you want to be mine…!

Well, I want a whore, a slut and a toy

I want to hear you sing in pain when I’m hard with you. 

Your guttural choking sounds when I force myself on your throat.

I want to smear your mascara and your saliva all over your face

I want to see the threads of your sickle as you pant to catch your breath

I want to overwhelm you with my hard love

I want you to worship my dick. To get addicted on serving me

I want you to please me again and again

I want you to be there all the time!

Take me in deep

I want to study you intensely

Make you my flower

I want to enjoy your smell and the sight of your gender

I want you shameless!

I want to pull your hair!

I want to cave you

I wish you want this because I want love to devour us for the rest of our lives!

The Pleasure Factory

Some may think it is perv, but it is roleplay with very primal emotions deep within….

The vulnerable sex toy given to the mercy of the dominant master….

The pleasure in giving herself to please….

Having to take what he is in mood for….

Being there for love, with love and trust…

Senses tuned in to the unexpected….

And knowing somebody else is in control

Shameless for him who know every secret and yet accept her and have gratitude for her precious gift. 

He loves to give her full attention. 

Fill and fulfil!

Watch her every shift in mood from pain to….

Pleasure…. And

Everything in between….

It is about feeling alive

And be his!

The Liberty of Nude

It is great to feel the wind caressing the body. 

We have an almost religious experience from getting naked in nature. 

We are enjoying the warm desserts of the Canary Islands and the erotic sensation of nude and naughty.

It is inevitable to….

Touch and get moist. 

And feel love in the veins. 

The love of the Sun.

The wind. 

The ground.

Each other….

And touché!

I love to show my girl

Do you feel the excitement as I request you to give me an outdoor performance?

You are fully aware how much I love when perform with the risk that we get caught

It adds a whole new dimension to our love!

I enjoy to watch you just as much as you enjoy to show me

You are aware that people may use this alley

People are passing in the street behind you…. My heart jolted as a passing pedestrian actually turned his head our way!

We both got a laugh when he was gone

But it just inspired you to become even more daring

Pulling totally out of your dress. You fucking love to be crazy and without inhibitions!

Giving me the best of your naughtyness. I just love you so much!

The taste of you!

We still carry traits from our animal ancestors. When it comes to love making, smell and taste are still important aphrodisiac. 

The taste of love

And the pleasure of giving intimacy. 

More than reproduction skills

It is the pleasure of serving the object of life.

It sits in every neuron of our bodies

The pleasure of serving love

Is indeed to serve life

It is a paradox that love sometimes is called sin

Despite the brutal appearance it is about trust and safety. It can be called the extreme sport of lovelife. My GIRL called it forth in me. It doesn't go away even if she does. It's me