The Liberty of Nude

It is great to feel the wind caressing the body. 

We have an almost religious experience from getting naked in nature. 

We are enjoying the warm desserts of the Canary Islands and the erotic sensation of nude and naughty.

It is inevitable to….

Touch and get moist. 

And feel love in the veins. 

The love of the Sun.

The wind. 

The ground.

Each other….

And touché!

I love to show my girl

Do you feel the excitement as I request you to give me an outdoor performance?

You are fully aware how much I love when perform with the risk that we get caught

It adds a whole new dimension to our love!

I enjoy to watch you just as much as you enjoy to show me

You are aware that people may use this alley

People are passing in the street behind you…. My heart jolted as a passing pedestrian actually turned his head our way!

We both got a laugh when he was gone

But it just inspired you to become even more daring

Pulling totally out of your dress. You fucking love to be crazy and without inhibitions!

Giving me the best of your naughtyness. I just love you so much!

The taste of you!

We still carry traits from our animal ancestors. When it comes to love making, smell and taste are still important aphrodisiac. 

The taste of love

And the pleasure of giving intimacy. 

More than reproduction skills

It is the pleasure of serving the object of life.

It sits in every neuron of our bodies

The pleasure of serving love

Is indeed to serve life

It is a paradox that love sometimes is called sin

I like to challenge decency.

What is it with promiscuous and exhibitional sex?

From the most innocent public kiss….

Indecent touch….

And petting in public…

Showing off my pride for my girl…

Show our passion under risk to be caught!

The exhilarating feeling of the unexpected…

How bad can it be? It is only warm passion!

The worst case scenario is only embarrassment!

A Lusty Old Couple

To grow old is nothing but a function of time. There is no means against age, but love can last! Sexual appetite and lust is health and a happiness. 

Personally I have found myself becoming more demanding on what kind of sex I want. 

We have done our duty to life. For what time left, I can demand what is most pleasurable. I don’t need to use the vagina as the primary target. 

I like to feel her worship me and take her time with the sermon. I don’t feel for firing my gun in a hurry now. 


The time taken with building the fire is the most precious part of it.

I love when she is naughty and slutty and give me good head. That is when she makes me feel she loves me for being me. That is when I feel she loves to love my body. That is when I feel that she give rather than take. 

I like when she eagerly offers her holes and work for my pleasure. I like her to work as my pleasure slave. 

I love to watch her lower herself on me and taking me inside. 

That is how she makes me feel I am her master. 

I love when she flash her pink for me. 

….When she show me she is wet for me…!

I like when she makes me feel great. Feel that she give herself to me.

I like when she expose herself shamelessly for me. It makes me feel I own her. 

She is very shy about the dirtiness connected to her ass hole. When she lets me humiliate her with taking her there it is true love. 

It is sometimes painful and I love when she cannot hold back on her pain song.

She has had to overcome her own pride tho give me her ass. 

She has given me her most private secrets!

That is my lass!

She makes me proud to be her master.

The Beauty and the Dominating Beast

Young girls don’t just fall for me. It is something in the chemicals of psychology. 

Many adolescents don’t realize that all people have several special, sometimes very personal receptors in their psychology. They usually miss this point because they are so stone by their sex hormones. 

Girls, more than boys tend to be pan-sexual. Their sexuality is often more open for a variety of triggers. That makes it natural that sometimes an old man can have something which can catch her desire. 

Let me philosophy around the concept “psychological receptors”or “emotional receptors” It is something particular which make it possible to single each other in the crowd. 

  1. A vagina is a physical receptor which perfectly fits for a penis. Likewise the male penis is an organ which reacts and fits for entrance in the vagina. It instinctively know how to attach to it as  by a mind of its own. The biology is made so that young men instinctively have their mind focused on this receptor

And, of course the opposite goes for the girls, but their pan-sexuality makes them both able to display a full school of emotional, or psychological receptors. For a young stud this is often so confusing that he many times ignore the multiplicity and single out the one physical receptor, the vagina.

I have done my duty to life and I am past the urgent, proliferating phase. What I have now is bonus time. I can explore and specialize in a couple of these receptors. One of these which many women have is the eager to submit. Socially it is scorned and disregarded. Women shall be emancipated!

Exactly that receptor… if a girl displays that trait, I usually gamble on it being kept starving in our modern society…. And she is eager to have it pleased when she meets a man she can trust this “social weakness”

It is not really so rare. The society still have many women suppressive mechanism which probably are rudiments of some ancient patriarchal instincts, still present in some specimen of homo sapiens.  

I am not among those who favour gender inequality in professional life. This trait can best be cultivated in roleplay. 

I always cherish and compliment a girl who willingly submit herself and love to be serving her Dom. It is a desire which makes her vulnerable for abuse and I feel empowered by holding her vulnerability in my hands as she is balancing the risks and the costs in her mind. 

Giving her body to my pleasure and use, Conscious about her vulnerability, but also safe in her knowledge that it will be in my own interest to keep her safe. It is this balance in submission and Dominance which is driving us forward. 

We play with social unacceptable emotions. In submission we trespass social taboo. Old/young is only one of which, but it is a mutual drive and pleasure.  

Despite the brutal appearance it is about trust and safety. It can be called the extreme sport of lovelife. My GIRL called it forth in me. It doesn't go away even if she does. It's me